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Getting Rid of Clutter: You Can Do It!

The definition of clutter is a personal one. In general, clutter is an unorganized or unused collection of things. Some people think that nicknacks or papers sitting on the table are clutter. And all those gifts and candles that you just didn’t know what to do with so you put them on the shelf - that can be clutter too. Clutter can make you feel you’re your home or workspace is crowded or dirty, and can impact your productivity as well. Too many picture frames or glass vases stacked on a shelf will eventually get dusty, because it is annoying to clean them and the spaces in between. Clutter can be in a closet or a junk drawer (we all have at least one of those), the front yard, your office, or your living room. It can even be items you actually value that are hastily placed in a messy manner out in the open. You can get rid of clutter by following a few simple steps. (more…)

Home Organizing Tips

Organizing the home is a process.  Unfortunately it’s not something you do once and it is done forever. The good news is that you can easily teach yourself new habits that will greatly improve the tidiness of your home. Small effort can lead to great impact, and you will likely feel more organized quickly.

Where to begin? (more…)