Affordable Closet Organizer Tips

The closet is not a place where people spend much time. In fact, the faster we can get in, find what we need, and get out, the better. Typically things get tossed in, shoved in a corner, or thrown on the closet floor because we are in a hurry. If you can organize your closet so everything has its place, it will be easier to keep it tidy on a daily basis. Organizing your bedroom closet, for example, can ease your morning routine and actually make you feel good when you open the closet door. Imagine your clothes neatly hung and your shoes orderly and available to view. Organizing your closet doesn’t take long, and the benefits can be lasting. Here are a few ideas to get you started, even if your closet is very small.

Only keep what you need

Most closets have more inside than what we actually use or need. The first step in organizing your closet is to take everything out and put it in the middle of the room (on the bed or table works well). Go through each item and decide whether it needs to be kept, thrown away, or donated. Once you have a pile of only those things you want to keep, think about how best to organize them so they are easy to access. If you have a lot of little things, can you create or buy a container to put them in? Do you want to hang your clothes and coats, or fold them on a shelf? Determine what is right for you based on how you typically need to access things in the closet.

How to choose a closet organizer?

Ideally you should design or buy a closet organizer around what you own and want to store. It is best if you can see everything in the closet you typically use – if things are buried in a bag or on a shelf out of reach, you will either forget you have them or spend unnecessary time looking for them. Most closets don’t come with a lot of organizing systems (shelves, hooks, etc.). There are a variety of affordable additions you can buy or make in order to fit more into your closet efficiently. For example, you may need an additional bar to hang more shirts. Do you like keep your shoes on the closet floor, or would you prefer to leave the floor space empty? Do you need more shelves or small compartments to store items like socks, jewelry, or workout clothes? For clothes closets, it is best to move unused hangers out of the closet or into the laundry room so they don’t take up valuable space. You should also think about moving items in your closet when the seasons change, so that only appropriate items are in view (for example, move ski equipment out of the way when summer arrives).

Affordable Closet Organizer Tips

Below are some ideas for closet organizers that can help you put more into your closet efficiently.

  • Try a hanging shoe organizer - you can get them to hang over a door or onto a clothes rod.
  • Free standing shoe organizers can be placed on the ground, or you can easily mount small shelves just above the floor and rest shoes on top.
  • Add another clothes rod below the main rod for extra hanger space. If you are using a hanging shoe or sweater organizer, make sure to leave enough room for it to hang without hitting the extra rod.
  • Clear bins with lids or baskets can be stacked on the closet floor for more storage.
  • Tie and belt hangers come in handy and save space.
  • Additional shelves can be added quit easily. Make sure to measure the closet, and then either buy wood at the local DIY store or get free standing interlocking shelves.
  • Hooks are nice for hanging hats, scarves, purses, coats or other items. You can get hooks to screw into the wall or door, or get one that hooks over the door (tThese also work well for towels).
  • If you don’t want to buy a traditional jewelry box, a clear craft organizer that has small compartments works very well.

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